Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sweat The Details!

Sweat the Details...

     Recently, I was sitting in a meeting with a gorgeous bride and distracted groom (which I have done thousands of times). The meeting is where we start to get to know each other. I love the idea of creating with new people. She said, "I'm picky." My ears perk up because I know what she means. "Sweat the Details!" We start to talk about the day.  I ask where they bought the dress, where they bought the rings, where they booked the venue. They picked the stuff for their day through a painstaking process. They didn't settle on whatever.  
Circle the heels

     I love the details!  I really do.
     There are so many little things about a wedding day that are small. Miniscule. Tiny. The inscription on the inside of the ring. The little holes or buckles on the grooms shoes. I notice the ribbon on the favors on guest tables at the reception. The reason a bride hires us is to record all the moments and little things they will rush through and forget. Later, when looking at images they are so delighted. We get it!
    So my task is mapped out for me.  I want to do the best job possible for my clients to capture these precious things. It is a must. And if you are hiring a photographer,  look at the way they do the details during a wedding day.

Three things to do that help the process:

1. Let the photographer know of little things that are important to you.

There was an embroidery inside the wedding dress at one wedding and if the bride had not let us know we would have missed it.  It was important to her and so it is important to us!

Twinkle light
2. Have your rings in the same place to start the day.
You would be surprised how many times people miss this detail. Delegate the responsibility. If the bride has his ring and the groom has hers in different locations to start the day, it will mean a rushed shot later in the day.

3. Allow time in your schedule for capturing details. Just do it!
 Build it in to the day.  On the time schedule. Give the cameras time to capture your bling in the best light. Give them the time to take the dress and pay attention to it's beauty and intricacies.

     Please Sweat the details - You'll be glad you did!         Love, Tod

The studs with the stud
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