Sunday, January 19, 2014

What do Wedding Photographers Do in Winter?

Glad you asked! The off season isn't really down time anymore for us, because the wedding season has changed and extended so much. But here are the 6 things I like and need to do:

1. We examine our mission. "for the bride and groom on a budget" We do what we do because of the Creator God we follow. We are inexpensive. We think this is a ministry to young couples and their families who need spiritual support as well as a photographer.  We pray for our clients. We ask ourselves how we can be the helping hand of God for couples getting married.

2. We enter training. We don't know everything there is to know about our profession. Products are constantly changing (like albums) and we want to know if these will fit our clients needs. I know I can do better work and I have voiced that for the last 10 years. We improve.Wedding Photograhers in the off season.......

3. We exhale. We relax from the creative process extended to each client. Creating can be exhausting!  We love what we do, but forming and creating the right images takes its toll on us. We put up the white flag and surrender to just recharging our batteries.

4. We evaluate our work.  We look back over all the weddings we shot and ask ourselves what worked and what didn't work.  We highlight our best work and use those images for our website, contests, and any wedding shows we may participate.

5. We extend our pricing.  It is something we hate to do but need to do.  Every year things get more expensive for us from the SD cards to flash drives to dvds to printing. We still think we are the best value around for our market. Sometimes we raise prices or leave them alone.

6. We scrutinize equipment. Even high quality Nikon tools need checked out and upgraded. Just like any other business, we evaluate our cameras, computers and software. Send for repairs and cleaning. We just upgraded our website at  Let us know what you think!