Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Krohn and the Beck boys

     Photographing a family like the Beck family is one of those events that we absolutely love but it has it's challenges. 3 boys full of energy and a venue (at the Krohn) full of interesting challenges, from people to backgrounds can offer lots of pitfalls. To some photographers it can be a nightmare but to us it is simply fun.
     It takes some imagination and we never really capture exactly what we set out to capture.  But I learned a long time ago if you don't appreciate the serendipity of a situation like this then hang up your camera. 
     The parents (Deena & Joe) were wonderful and patient and I only wish we had more time to capture the fascination on the boy's faces.  It doesn't last for long because they grow up so fast.  People ask me, "What's this world coming to?"  I can't help but answer, "If it's boys like this and parents like these, we are in great shape!" I am posting one of my favorites! Enjoy.        -  Tod and Vic

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thomas Peterson Wedding

We had a blast at the most recent knot tying of Megan and Mike! Two very diverse people brought together by a genuine love for each other that you don't see every day.
Some highlights were getting to shoot using the groom's motorcycle and a trip to the steps of Marydale. The wedding party were so patient as we recorded some phenomenal images We absolutely love shooting at Christ Chapel in Erlanger, Ky. The people there are gracious to creative photographers and Pastor Terry is a friend to the creative process in capturing a ceremony. There is a rather large image of Jesus in the sanctuary and it is haunting in it's gaze as if the Good shepherd is right there approving of this blessed union with an approving smile.
What other couples can learn: Don't be afraid to mix it up and try different ideas! Can you have a male as one of the bridesmaids or bridespeople? In this day and age - yes!