Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Audree

     Standing in front of the washing machine crying tonight. Big baby.  Not because the infant I photographed today was so cute (which she was!) but because she, well she had an accident on one of the background fabrics!  ha.  Which often happens if you work with babies any length of time. No big deal at all.  It goes with the territory.  
     But seriously, my tears flow at the washing machine tonight because special people are attached to my memory. Memories come flooding back and you just realize the unexpected wonder of life.
     Special baby, special people. Yeah I know it's just a client and it's just a photo shoot but every now and then, once in a while, on occasion - people get to me, old acquaintances grab my heart.  Babies look at me funny. Of course it's probably gas, but they look at me funny and then I unravel, sometimes. No one to me is just a client!    
     History: One of the first things that happened to me way back when, at a new church,  a new community,  was the grandmother of Audree (Jeanie a grandmother, wow!) accepted my children when they were little and running around the church basement.  She said, "We don't mind, we love our children around here." And they really meant that.  Special place, special time, special people.
     Then today,  to see the mother Erin, touch and hold and interact with her brand new 10 day old baby girl.  Well, I remember the rough, tough soccer and basketball playing teenage girl and to see this, well I wasn't prepared.  My heart couldn't hold all the promise and hope and sentiment of this new life - in front of the washing machine tonight.  No big deal Audree, we accept your pretty smile and nervous moments all the same. Your mom's mom taught us that.
     Just a photographer feeling lucky and blessed to be able to do what I do. Just a person who really treasures what relationships mean. Special.    Drying my eyes in front of the washing machine tonight. Thanks Jeanie and Erin and Audree!